Completed Manuscripts in Search of a Home

The first  manuscripts for The Ghosts of DunMuller’s Mansion are completed. YEAH  Dani McCarty’s story about the ghost in her closet, Lieutenant Raleigh, a boyfriend with a real problem and the newly acquired information that her mother and brother are Mediums is the first in the series, titled: Excuse Me. The name has been changed, but the story’s still pretty much like the old one. 

Waiting is on e-readers and will be out on hard copy soon.

The second book in The Ghosts of DunMuller’s Mansion is completed. YEAH  Maxwell McCarty’s story is about a coma victim who visits him for help in her illness. He solves several ‘unexplained’ incidents throughout the manuscript. Titled: Ante up.

Silent Screams

A fall from Roach Hill is completed and in final edits. Middle Grade adventure about Cathy and LeRoy Morgan. The close brother and sister duo are going through some change in life difficulties. One of Cathy’s biggest problems is the way LeRoy’s treating her differently. He’s been secretive and aloof. Hiding information regarding some of the strange goings on in their small town of Angel Point, Missouri. Such information that leads LeRoy to a mess of trouble.