Ho Ho Howdy

Merry Christmas. Are you like me and love the colors of Christmas, the sounds, the smells? Cinnamon and Candy Cane, Sugar Cookies and Fudge, but most important everyone, is always the  Gingerbread Man. I love the fancy Christmas Tree with all the pretty ornaments, tinsel and painted balls, but especially the Angel perched on top that oversees everything.The birth of Christ I also think it’s the special time of the year: because of the birth of the baby Jesus. The miracle of his birth, the trials his parents went through that night as they sought a safe place in which Mary could give birth to her baby son, the son of God, the Christ Child. (This is my belief. I am a Christian and have learned this through the words that I have read in the Holy Bible)


And now for our holiday item to be placed inside our Treasure Box: We need to find something that reflects the joy and excitement of this holiday. So, I think it needs to be something small, sparkly and odorous of the holiday. Hmmm, let’s see… how about, a sprig of green, a piece of tinsel, and a trace of cinnamon. In a small plastic bag, place inside something that smells of cinnamon and sparkles like tinsel, and if you can find, (without cutting up your family’s Christmas tree), a piece of green, seal up you bag real tight and toss it inside.

Have A Merry Christmas!!!!!





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Its Out!!! The Mysteries inside Grandpa’s Tackle Box

Grandpas Tackle Box Mystery Cover
My new middle grade novel is out! It’s live. Yep, you are now able to read the story, the whole story and everything about the trials of Cathy Moore and her adventures with her brother, Tyler in The Mysteries Inside Grandpa’s Tackle Box.
I am so excited. There are treasures in that old tackle box. Hidden by Tyler Moore. Only he knows the contents and it’s up to Cathy and her friends to find out where Tyler has hidden it, to unlock it and uncover the contents to capture the evil men that have hurt Tyler. It’s a mystery. It’s an adventure. It’s a story about a young southern girl who thinks of her older brother as her best friend and loves spending time with and is devastated when he is injured.

Check it out!

This week is the start of the huge holiday season. Family, friends and the first of all those wonderful feasts! So besides saying Happy Thanksgiving
I’m going to give you a tip to OUR NEXT TREASURE BOX ITEM #4. A picture of your favorite traditional Thanksgiving dish. Look through a magazine, newspaper and cut it out (as long as you own it) or if you can, take a picture and print it. Put it in a plastic bag and place it in your treasure bag 🙂 turkey
HAVE A Wonderful Holiday!!!!


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Treasure Box #3

Halloween Pic 2 2014Hello Mysterious Monsters.

That’s right! Trick – or – Treat has arrived. Saturday night! Are you dressing up for a haunting, making horrible noises and causing others fright? Oh how exciting! Swashbuckling hero’s, Frankensteins, or Princesses dancing in the moonlight. They’re bags full of candy, what a Delight!

Me? What will I be wearing, you ask? Well, I prefer my pretty black dress, with spiderweb tights, a tall diva hat as I soar through the skies. I’ll be up on my broom, I’ll cackle, and laugh. I’ll be watching below, with my friends, Dracula and the bats.  ha ha ha ha ha.

Don’t Be Like This! When I was a kid, we had a cemetery in the neighborhood. The teenage boys would hide out behind the headstones. Then when a couple of little kids walked by, the older boys would jump out to scare the little kids so they would drop their candy. Man, how cruel. I guess the teens were too old to knock on doors. To bad the little ones couldn’t knock on… uh, yeah ( I know what Cathy Moore would do. You can find out too in the book Grandpa’s Tackle Box – coming out soon)

This is the best time of the year. We celebrate so many fun holidays, one right after another. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the New Year.  And with each month, we’re going to find more interesting items to tuck away into our treasure box. So, in recognition to Halloween, I think we should pick out our favorite candy wrapper and place it inside your box. (Mine is the long skinny tootsie roll.) If you have an allergy or your family doesn’t allow candy, than you can use a picture of your favorite decoration for the holiday.

Go out and enjoy Halloween- but remember, never walk alone, have a friend or a parent with you, take a flashlight, watch for cars and have fun.  Doreehalloween

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Welcome Autumn! Treasure Chest Item #Two

For your treasure box, I’ve made up a little riddle: When the snow has gone away, tiny buds each branch displays, the foliage full with green delight until the autumn chill stills the night, and then the green turns to colors of majestic hues and each one falls to leave room for new.  (Spray with hair spray and place in a plastic bag for preservation before you place it in your treasure box.)

Isn’t the chill in the air fantastic. Can’t you just feel the energy. The dance of the whirl wind with the leaves. Every step you make, you want to add a little skip. I do. It’s such a refreshing kick of spirit. Before we know it we’ll be hearing the sound of screeching owls, black cats and ghostly cries as All Hallows Even arrives. (Yep, for some reason, we’ve reduced the evening before the great gathering of all the holy saints in the Catholic Church, to a frightening, scream and run, eat candy until you make yourself sick, PARTY NIGHT! Yep…Go Figure!)

I sure hope schools fun, classes are super fan-tab-ulous, your teachers are total-like-riffic, and you’re having nightly adventures in your dreams!

I’ll be back,


Grandpa’s Tackle Box… A middle Grade Adventure, coming soon!

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Is that a registration request? For SCHOOL

Wait… It’s still summer. Hold the hostile takeover, teachers, we’ve got another week. Readers, are you right in the middle of a great book? Have no fear, you’ve got time. No panicking. You and I know they can’t give you homework until the second day of school. Go ahead, grab that sleeve and wipe your brow. Read On!

Pirates, we’re going to be busy for the next few months. Heavy holidays, the weather going crazy, (yep, even stranger!) and looking for exciting stuff to fill our treasure boxes. I picked my plastic, purple box up at the local Utah Idaho store. Anything will do the job. Swashbuckling pirates might have had shiny heavy metal containers, but we can use anything from grandpa’s old banged and tarnished tackle box to a decked out shoe box. Remember pirates, if it can be covered, it can be buried.

Ahoy! Alright yer first item be round, silver, ‘n has th’ year ’twas made on th’ edge o’ it. Put yer trinket in a wee plastic bag inside yer box.  ENJOY.

Yer Mate, Doree


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Grandpa’s Tackle Box… The End

Grandpa’s Tackle Box…

The Adventures of a nine-year-old tomboy, Cathy Moore, and her best friend, and brother, Tyler.

tacklebox 1  Tyler has an old banged up tackle box that his Grandpa Moore left him for his 12th birthday. Tyler likes to think of it as his ‘treasure box’. Can you find a box to use as your pretend treasure box? It doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t have to be square. We don’t even have to bury it. This is your treasure, so what ever you want to use is great.

Next week, we see what I find to use.


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Where’s the year going?

May starts tomorrow. Tomorrow! Sure we had snow yesterday, but I’m pretty sure we were also celebrating Christmas. Five more weeks of School… There’s a calendar on our wall where every day we mark another day gone as we get closer to summer vacation and we haven’t a clue yet what our summer plans are going to be. I’ve been thinking about getting a bike and riding up and down the Jordan River Parkway. It’s a paved path that runs along the river bank from 2100 South to 9000 South. If you can over look the tall weeds, possible dead bodies and the stench of dirty river, it makes for a fun ride.
images This year has been exceptionally wet, or so we the small people of Salt Lake City believe because of all the rain we’ve had the last few days. Flower buds are springing up in the flower pots, the grass is on it’s fourth mow and we’re readying ourselves for the next bought of fertilizer. Yep, it’s almost summer and we need to gear ourselves with our summer projects. If we’re going to be doing yard work for pay, tune up your lawnmower. Sharpen the blade and oil it. Flush out the old standing petro and replace it with fresh gasoline. Rinse the cobwebs and dust from the old shovel and racks and paste up your fliers. Get ready for the carefree summer days. But before you do, buy a journal and tell yourself that you are going to fill one page a day so that when you return to school very school that you’d like to share your summer holidays.

Stay safe.

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