Ho Ho Howdy

Merry Christmas. Are you like me and love the colors of Christmas, the sounds, the smells? Cinnamon and Candy Cane, Sugar Cookies and Fudge, but most important everyone, is always the  Gingerbread Man. I love the fancy Christmas Tree with all the pretty ornaments, tinsel and painted balls, but especially the Angel perched on top that oversees everything.The birth of Christ I also think it’s the special time of the year: because of the birth of the baby Jesus. The miracle of his birth, the trials his parents went through that night as they sought a safe place in which Mary could give birth to her baby son, the son of God, the Christ Child. (This is my belief. I am a Christian and have learned this through the words that I have read in the Holy Bible)


And now for our holiday item to be placed inside our Treasure Box: We need to find something that reflects the joy and excitement of this holiday. So, I think it needs to be something small, sparkly and odorous of the holiday. Hmmm, let’s see… how about, a sprig of green, a piece of tinsel, and a trace of cinnamon. In a small plastic bag, place inside something that smells of cinnamon and sparkles like tinsel, and if you can find, (without cutting up your family’s Christmas tree), a piece of green, seal up you bag real tight and toss it inside.

Have A Merry Christmas!!!!!





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