Its Out!!! The Mysteries inside Grandpa’s Tackle Box

Grandpas Tackle Box Mystery Cover
My new middle grade novel is out! It’s live. Yep, you are now able to read the story, the whole story and everything about the trials of Cathy Moore and her adventures with her brother, Tyler in The Mysteries Inside Grandpa’s Tackle Box.
I am so excited. There are treasures in that old tackle box. Hidden by Tyler Moore. Only he knows the contents and it’s up to Cathy and her friends to find out where Tyler has hidden it, to unlock it and uncover the contents to capture the evil men that have hurt Tyler. It’s a mystery. It’s an adventure. It’s a story about a young southern girl who thinks of her older brother as her best friend and loves spending time with and is devastated when he is injured.

Check it out!

This week is the start of the huge holiday season. Family, friends and the first of all those wonderful feasts! So besides saying Happy Thanksgiving
I’m going to give you a tip to OUR NEXT TREASURE BOX ITEM #4. A picture of your favorite traditional Thanksgiving dish. Look through a magazine, newspaper and cut it out (as long as you own it) or if you can, take a picture and print it. Put it in a plastic bag and place it in your treasure bag 🙂 turkey
HAVE A Wonderful Holiday!!!!


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  1. Hi Sandy! Okay, I’ll let you 🙂

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