Treasure Box #3

Halloween Pic 2 2014Hello Mysterious Monsters.

That’s right! Trick – or – Treat has arrived. Saturday night! Are you dressing up for a haunting, making horrible noises and causing others fright? Oh how exciting! Swashbuckling hero’s, Frankensteins, or Princesses dancing in the moonlight. They’re bags full of candy, what a Delight!

Me? What will I be wearing, you ask? Well, I prefer my pretty black dress, with spiderweb tights, a tall diva hat as I soar through the skies. I’ll be up on my broom, I’ll cackle, and laugh. I’ll be watching below, with my friends, Dracula and the bats.  ha ha ha ha ha.

Don’t Be Like This! When I was a kid, we had a cemetery in the neighborhood. The teenage boys would hide out behind the headstones. Then when a couple of little kids walked by, the older boys would jump out to scare the little kids so they would drop their candy. Man, how cruel. I guess the teens were too old to knock on doors. To bad the little ones couldn’t knock on… uh, yeah ( I know what Cathy Moore would do. You can find out too in the book Grandpa’s Tackle Box – coming out soon)

This is the best time of the year. We celebrate so many fun holidays, one right after another. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then the New Year.  And with each month, we’re going to find more interesting items to tuck away into our treasure box. So, in recognition to Halloween, I think we should pick out our favorite candy wrapper and place it inside your box. (Mine is the long skinny tootsie roll.) If you have an allergy or your family doesn’t allow candy, than you can use a picture of your favorite decoration for the holiday.

Go out and enjoy Halloween- but remember, never walk alone, have a friend or a parent with you, take a flashlight, watch for cars and have fun.  Doreehalloween

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2 Responses to Treasure Box #3

  1. Now I see where some of your ideas have come from. Giggles. Nice post, Doree!
    I’ll be cackling on Saturday, too.

  2. Thanks Sandy, I’ll look for you!

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