Welcome Autumn! Treasure Chest Item #Two

For your treasure box, I’ve made up a little riddle: When the snow has gone away, tiny buds each branch displays, the foliage full with green delight until the autumn chill stills the night, and then the green turns to colors of majestic hues and each one falls to leave room for new.  (Spray with hair spray and place in a plastic bag for preservation before you place it in your treasure box.)

Isn’t the chill in the air fantastic. Can’t you just feel the energy. The dance of the whirl wind with the leaves. Every step you make, you want to add a little skip. I do. It’s such a refreshing kick of spirit. Before we know it we’ll be hearing the sound of screeching owls, black cats and ghostly cries as All Hallows Even arrives. (Yep, for some reason, we’ve reduced the evening before the great gathering of all the holy saints in the Catholic Church, to a frightening, scream and run, eat candy until you make yourself sick, PARTY NIGHT! Yep…Go Figure!)

I sure hope schools fun, classes are super fan-tab-ulous, your teachers are total-like-riffic, and you’re having nightly adventures in your dreams!

I’ll be back,


Grandpa’s Tackle Box… A middle Grade Adventure, coming soon!

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2 Responses to Welcome Autumn! Treasure Chest Item #Two

  1. Love the poem with fun activity. I need to do this with the Wild Child!

    Love you!

    Sandy Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 15:59:07 +0000 To: shumberson@hotmail.com

  2. I can’t wait to get together with you again, Sandy! Your pics from Scotland are fantastic. Let’s find a time real soon. Love you too, sweetie!
    Miss you :=)

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