Is that a registration request? For SCHOOL

Wait… It’s still summer. Hold the hostile takeover, teachers, we’ve got another week. Readers, are you right in the middle of a great book? Have no fear, you’ve got time. No panicking. You and I know they can’t give you homework until the second day of school. Go ahead, grab that sleeve and wipe your brow. Read On!

Pirates, we’re going to be busy for the next few months. Heavy holidays, the weather going crazy, (yep, even stranger!) and looking for exciting stuff to fill our treasure boxes. I picked my plastic, purple box up at the local Utah Idaho store. Anything will do the job. Swashbuckling pirates might have had shiny heavy metal containers, but we can use anything from grandpa’s old banged and tarnished tackle box to a decked out shoe box. Remember pirates, if it can be covered, it can be buried.

Ahoy! Alright yer first item be round, silver, ‘n has th’ year ’twas made on th’ edge o’ it. Put yer trinket in a wee plastic bag inside yer box.  ENJOY.

Yer Mate, Doree


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2 Responses to Is that a registration request? For SCHOOL

  1. What a fun idea! Wild Child loves to play pirate.

  2. Climb aboard, matey!

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