Where’s the year going?

May starts tomorrow. Tomorrow! Sure we had snow yesterday, but I’m pretty sure we were also celebrating Christmas. Five more weeks of School… There’s a calendar on our wall where every day we mark another day gone as we get closer to summer vacation and we haven’t a clue yet what our summer plans are going to be. I’ve been thinking about getting a bike and riding up and down the Jordan River Parkway. It’s a paved path that runs along the river bank from 2100 South to 9000 South. If you can over look the tall weeds, possible dead bodies and the stench of dirty river, it makes for a fun ride.
images This year has been exceptionally wet, or so we the small people of Salt Lake City believe because of all the rain we’ve had the last few days. Flower buds are springing up in the flower pots, the grass is on it’s fourth mow and we’re readying ourselves for the next bought of fertilizer. Yep, it’s almost summer and we need to gear ourselves with our summer projects. If we’re going to be doing yard work for pay, tune up your lawnmower. Sharpen the blade and oil it. Flush out the old standing petro and replace it with fresh gasoline. Rinse the cobwebs and dust from the old shovel and racks and paste up your fliers. Get ready for the carefree summer days. But before you do, buy a journal and tell yourself that you are going to fill one page a day so that when you return to school very school that you’d like to share your summer holidays.

Stay safe.

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One Response to Where’s the year going?

  1. Nice post! You have me motivated to get ready to garden and play.

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