Indoor parks – are you in or out?

I’m like every other person on this planet (okay, I can’t speak for everyone, so I’m referring more toward Utah) I love the snow… in the mountains. So picturesque when you’re down in the valley and you look up and see snow capped ridges. Breath taking. But, it never stays there, it keeps trickling down onto the valley floor. I think a white Christmas is great. I’ll take a white New Years too, I guess. But, when that white stuff turns black and yucky, it’s time to go away. No lingering. 

The temperature moved into the sixties a couple of days this month and it was marvelous. Jacket instead of coat, sunshine instead of inversion (remember this is Utah) and red days that you are warned about going out side to play, is history. The snow has Melted. So, why can’t it stay like that? After New Years, who wants to shovel anymore? Not me. So hold the temp to sixty+ and snow go away. Let us look forward to the next Christmas day.

How fun is the bicycle that you got for Christmas? Chained up in the backyard. Or, the basketball and hoop, still in the box two months later, the skateboard, rollerblades, and the other dozen or so outside toys that goes into storage until spring arrives. That’s what brings on depression during the holiday season. It’s not the hassle, the money, the constant dropping in of relatives, that you were pretty sure died last summer, it’s the length of time that the present remains untouched. So, my young and wonderful readers, I say we need indoor parks.  Yep, with fat lanes for riding on, and hoops, goals, diamonds and sand (for volley ball… me neither, but they make us play it, am I right?).

Let me know your ideas. Its time to demand that we don’t have to wait to play with presents because of the snow outside. Snow skiing can go on all year around, as long as the snow stays where it belongs. Just say no to front yard snow.



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3 Responses to Indoor parks – are you in or out?

  1. I agree and I wish that just saying no would do it. Sigh. Here’s to the sun!

  2. Always a pleasure. Hey, I’m headed to the League meeting tonight. Hope to see you.

    All the best!

    Sandy R

    Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2014 21:37:52 +0000 To:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I missed it, (duh, could you tell :=) But I WILL be there for the next one. Miss you!

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