Happy Birthday 2014

fireworksHappy New Year. I love that feeling you get after the strike of midnight (providing you’re still awake… it was touch and go for me) and a brand new year is born. Christmas is put away, laundry’s done, the trash cans are out in front of the house and you’ve fabreezed every room, and (as of yet) nothing’s been left out to begin percolating… 🙂 It’s like I’m getting a do over as well.

So, I’ve sharpened the pencils. Loaded the printer. And, Ive been thinking… book related, Yeah Me!

I’ve almost finished putting my business plan for 2014 together. I’ve worked out my blog subjects for 2014 and how I’m going to make sure that I add a blog every month. Since Writing is my all around, favorite subject, I’m going to elaborate on the things that I have learned in the last few years. I’ve promised myself that I’m sticking to my schedule. Goals! and Self Discipline… What a way to start the year. How are you planning to start yours?

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday 2014

  1. Finishing the kitchen. Then some peace and quiet to write. Yeah!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a glorious job to look forward to completion…. And writing, YEAH.

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