Love Lasts; 2013 Young Adult Novel

I’ve been working to get Double Down done, (number three of the DunMullers Mansion series) but I am happy (ecstatic) to say that I finished my young adult novel. Love Lasts

This story is from my heart. Actually a true story, or should I say a chapter of my junior year of high school. When someone is taken away at such a young age it is hard to get over it. There are too many whys, what ifs, and then, there is the blame. Who is at fault. Do you look to God and ask him what his plans for you are. What are God’s plans for him?

As a high school student, I moved seven times in the first few months of my junior year and attended three (yeah, it sucked) High Schools. I finally found something that I felt was real. Lasting. But life has a funny way of changing things. I learned the hardest lesson of my life and that is… friends come and go, and not just at the packing of a house. They can be removed permanently.  It hurts, deeply, but even though we don’t understand, there is a reason. My friend’s death was a blessing for him, unbeknownst to a lot of us. And, I grew-up. I learned that the world isn’t here to revolve around me. It was heart wrenching and I pray I never have to lose someone so close to me again for a lesson learned. 

I dated again and I have some fabulous memories of my high school years, too. Like they say; every black cloud has a silver lining and I have gathered a barrel of them. Enjoy this wonderful story about love, lose, and living again.


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