Image Summer’s over… yep, we’re back to the grindstone, the regiment of daily learning. All’s grand there. They’ve done everything expected – the vacation, – the amusement parks, -and visiting with the circle of relatives. So, round ’em up and put them behind desks. Let’s education!

I used to love learning new things. A new word everyday, how to do a mathematical equation, and the history of our country. Thought it’s new to me, it had all stayed true. I learned what my sister and brother and parents had before me. Granted, I didn’t care for the first few days of the ‘let’s review,’ aspect of school. Boring.

But, instead of ‘learning,’ we’re constantly changing… The world used to rotate right on it’s axis, but due to garbage in the atmosphere, it’s changed. School used to be out from the end of May until the first of September. Now school is closed after the first week of June and back again in August. I used to be good at WordPress… now it’s new and improved? Nope, it’s only made it harder so, I’m learning a new thing. Why can’t it be like history. Put it in a book and leave it alone so that ten years from now, the history is repeating instead of new and improved. Can you imagine what would have happened if Columbus’s boats were kept in harbor to be new and improved? The date of arrival would have changed. Heck if it’s anything like a new mechanic, history will be over and redone before those newfangled engines are repaired. Oh, sorry, I meant the ‘new and improved.’

My concern is how much improving should we go through? Syria has ‘new and improved weapons of mass destruction. Yikes! And what do we have? A constitution that is great just the way it is. Freedom is our model, so let it ring. We were proud for what we had accomplished, not for showing the world how bad they do. Stay out of the wars of others and protect, defend and feed our own on our soil first. If this world is so determined to become, new’and’improved, great. Go for it. But this time, we stay home and protect our children against drug and gun abuse.

Let’s listen and re-learn about the world of old through our children while they eat and sleep on the wealthy side of poverty first. Isn’t it time that we drop the ‘everything has to be new and improved’ and returned to the times of history when the Indians taught white men the old fashion way of living and then the white man educated them on other things as well. Worked then, might do the same now, too. Electrical devices are fantastic, but rotary phones worked just as well, we still had the privilege of communication. Jobs gave men integrity, and food on the table, money in the bank and a respect to leave what the neighbors had to them. Crime is way to high in this world of new-and-improved.

So, for the kids of this century, find your roots, bury them deep and return to the old and proven over the new and improved. And enjoy your friends just the way they are and fight for us to be happy and proud on our own soil soon.



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