Families Unite

Where we believe that we will never be hurt, ridiculed, sacrificed, or left behind with a sign that say… Little brother for sale. I will pay you.

And yet we still go to Family Reunions?

Okay, I will be the first to admit, I willingly tossed the chairs in the back of the truck. Even ordered the birthday cake and picked up the cake for the birthday girl. Picked up plenty of plates, plastic forks and grabbed a google of napkins. And looked forward (yep- maybe not jumping around in the streets whooping it up, but forward) to seeing family members that, because of distance or life commitments, I haven’t seen or talked to in years. I’m talking the boy is 24, I last saw him at three when ‘the family’ was camping at Palisade.

This reunion was fun. Well, except for the 101 degrees scorcher. You can’t have a perfect place, under adequate tree coverage from the sunny sky and only a few steps from the playground with water fountains to play in without the heat from down under. Water bottle mania. But, I think that, weather aside, everyone had a great time. We even chatted about getting together again next year. WOW, two years in a row. Cousins might be able to recognize each other on the street.

In this world, this ever growing, tension filled, world we live in, the most we can do is hold our extended family close. Strangers shouldn’t be a relative. Not when we have the opportunities to get together with a wonderful excuse like the Family Reunion.

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One Response to Families Unite

  1. harleybrooks says:

    Ok, my bags are packed and I’m ready for the guilt trip. Should be a long one. Better pack snacks. Let me google my destination for coordinates. Ah yes, Failure Island where I own lots of real estate. Isn’t Facebook good enough? You’re evil, woman.

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