I want to ride my bicycle but
it’s still locked in storage.
I’d take it out all by myself,
but, I don’t have the courage.
The sun comes out and melts the snow,
and then I get all excited,
until the very next day when I wake up
and there it is,
more snow,

It’s late March and Spring’s arrived.
Dad says he’ll get out my bike tomorrow.
I jumped up from bed, dressed for a ride,
and find, another inch of snow to my great sorrow.
What? I want to yell, this isn’t fair.
Has anyone heard of cabin fever?
Let’s melt this stuff.
I want to ride my bike.
In other words, please
give me my…

We are coming to the end of winter and the end of closeting ourselves inside our houses playing video games. So, wipe the dust off the bicycle seats, check the tires, tighten the chains and lets get ready to ride. But before you take off, do you have your helmet on? The knee and elbow pads on? No, you may want to safety up. Scrapes tend to ruin a fun ride. I see on the pathways.

Exercise, enjoy the clean crisp air and feel better. Good Health makes Longer Living.


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2 Responses to RIDE MY BIKE

  1. This is how I feel! And today, more snow. Good advice for those bikers.
    Sadly, I have no bike–yet.
    Fun post!

  2. Doree says:

    I know. If this goes on, I’m moving. Warmth! For the love of all my goosebumps, warmth. Thanks Sandy.

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