ROW80 – On our way –

Good morning, or good night? Let’s try Good All. I’ve been tapping my keys and realizing that this book too, will see a ‘the end’ one day soon. My expectations for this coming up week in my ROW80 commitment shall be another couple of chapters. If not More…. I intend to work on a thousand word day schedule and am sticking to it. Why, Because I think I can, I think I can… I will!

And so can everyone else that puts their mind toward reaching the light at the end of their predicted tunnel. Forward with a tenacious attitude is going to be my companion this week. My muse has been playing peek-a-boo since last year so, I shall be dancing this road alone. But I will leave the light on.

From my desk to yours, enjoy and have a tremendous week.

Goals: 1) Begin packing up the Kitchen.
2) four hours per day in writing
3) Critique x two this week.
4) Line edits on The Heart Goes On.
5) Reading co-ROW80 Blogs and commenting.


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2 Responses to ROW80 – On our way –

  1. Packing the kitchen is worth it when you get a new one. Yeah!
    Great goals. I’ll join you in them–except for the kitchen. Sigh.
    Keep at it!

  2. The Kitchen has already been your adventure – yes? Aren’t I just catching up? The rest shall be for fun 🙂 Thanks Sandy.

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