ROW80 Wednesday Check-In

Holy Tomoly (not a word, but I like it 🙂 I’m writing. No, not just on my blog, but I’ve gotten a few words down and I realized that I hadn’t committed to an amount for ROW80. I bad. Actually, I’ve been walking that tight edge to…should I or shouldn’t I… since (yikes) I’ve been delinquent regarding my writing time for the last little while. But no more. I declare, for the rest of the week, that I shall do another 1,000 words. Add that to the last 480 and I’ll be close to the end of a chapter. Okay, maybe… just shy?

I sure hope all of my other ROW80 participants are doing great. See you again on Sunday.

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2 Responses to ROW80 Wednesday Check-In

  1. piracetam says:

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  2. Keep on Swimming. Good luck. Doree

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