Where have I been?

I looked at the date on my last blog entry and was appalled. I had no choice, I took myself outside. I had some splanin’ to do.Yeah, it’s like that. Needless to say, things got a little rough. Okay, yes, physical. A nose might have been broken. There may be a limp, or somebody’s faking it, you know what I mean? But after wiping the blood off, I am still able to write.  So. let’s do that.     In June, Ante Up went Live… Yeah

The front cover is fantastic. Kelli Ann Morgan does

such a wonderful job putting together exactly what

you want. It’s amazing. The cover completes, accents,

and embodies the book.

Book Three in the Series, Double Down, Darcey’s Story is about a teenager who passed at a young age without the benefit of attending her own prom. Well, she’s going to now and she intends to make Dennis her partner, even if it means that she has to break up his blooming relationship with his sweet, docile girlfriend. Darcy has a way of making the livings lives miserable. Just ask Max, whose life she keeps disrupting constantly. And never is it for the good.

Here’s hoping for a summer of fantastic reading. See you soon, Doree.

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2 Responses to Where have I been?

  1. There you are! Put some ice on that cheek to help the swelling go down. You forgot to mention the adorable model on your cover. Looks great. Glad you’ve ventured back to the “living” if only for a short time.

  2. Finally! I thought something happened to you. Maybe grounding is in order.
    Your grandson is adorable on the cover.
    The next book sounds fun. Busy girl!

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