When I looked at my e-mail this morning I was excited to see that Waiting is featured today at http://www.centsibleereads.com. I can’t begin to tell you how fan-ta-bu-lous this makes me feel. Okay, I got a little big-headed. But lets face it, this is what all those months of sitting behind a computer and releasing my internal muse is all about.

Recognition. It is what all of us thrive for. The ‘hey, great report card’ we get from the folks, the Cap and Gown at the end of it. The ‘fantastic job’ when you boss gives you that 1.2 percent raise. And it’s when you see the amount of books that have been purchased and the blurbs and reviews that we receive on our piece of art; our stories.

We write for others entertainment (and to quiet the voices in our heads) so we love it when someone comes back and says, “I read your book. I enjoyed it. When’s your next one coming out?”

Have a great Monday. I know I am going to 🙂


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2 Responses to Featuring…”Waiting”

  1. What a great way to start your week. Congratulations and a huge kudo – YA and Middle Grade are hard sells on ebooks so this is extra whipped cream on a delectable dessert!

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