Lucky Seven Tag (you’re it)

A couple of fun first class ladies have put out this challenge, and shoot, I hate being left out in the cold, so I’m taking Joelene Coleman’s tag and passing out “Lucky Seven” tags of my own.  The rules of the game are as follows:

1. Start on the 7th line of the 77th page of your manuscript, and copy the next 7 lines to post.
2. Tag 7 other of your blogger friends to do the same.

Here is my excerpt from ANTE UP, to be seen at e-pubs in June.

Max felt overwhelmed as the reporters jumped into his space, shoving all types and sizes of microphones in his face. Feeling a sense of dork-dumb override his thought processes, he was grateful that Royce maneuvered himself as a shield in front of him.

Maybe fifteen minutes had passed when the reports decided that they’d gotten enough information, even though Max could tell they weren’t satisfied.  Royce gave a minimum of words repeatedly.

“Please check with your local police. We are simply guests of the department.

Scene explanation: Royce and Max (my 12 year-old hero) have just uncovered the body of a 3 year-old missing boy by telepathy. Max is a spiritual guide who has been sought out by the young child needing to tell his mother where he’s been buried so he can go through the light. Mission accomplished and now they are being overcome by interested media.

Today, I’ve blogged over at about a romance called Moosed Up by Tiffinie Helmer. It’s a wonderful read and a new release about the misadventures of a city gal gone to experience the wild of Alaska. With a romance too!



Kacey Mark




Mary Martinez

Lisa Deon author of The Carriage Trade, coming out soon.

CJ Thomas author of The Kerry McDaniels Series available now.



Cindy A. Christensen Love on Laird Avenue







Diane Darcy: She Owns The Night


and M.E. Ferris: Writer

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2 Responses to Lucky Seven Tag (you’re it)

  1. Love this concept (and the commercial…hilarious!) not that your 12-yr-old medium is having these kind of dreams…right? Thanks for playing!

  2. mlmartinez3 says:

    Okay, I’m just like way late in the game for this, but it sounds great! Hope you had some fun doing it.

    So now am I supposed to do the 7th line of the 77th page on my blog? I’m so confused as usual.

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