Missing the Middle

I write, therefore I need to see a book through start, middle and end. Lately I’ve wondered about the forgotten middle. The hook is important. Its how we keep our readers reading, right? So we put a considerable amount of time into it. Perfect it. The End is important; it ties up the story, concludes what caused or created your story and keeps your readers excited to read your next book. The middle, sometimes is simply thrown in to make the word count work or the book thicker.

Well, without the middle, you’re missing the meat of things. Besides, a soggy or missing middle makes a reader put the book aside. The middle is the story. It’s the action in a film. The explanation to the introduction. Or, in the case of the child with the missing teeth, it’s the obvious.

I don’t think there is anything worse than not giving the middle of a book just as much, if not more, concentration.  I dislike a book where I skim several pages looking for the story. I like to know where I’m at. What the heroine or hero is doing, but six pages on how the weather went from a beautiful summer day to the height of frozen tundra triggers my ‘set aside’ syndrome. I, like a lot of other writers, like to keep the five senses involved so that you don’t get lost and wander off, but dragging on with the day, the dress, the weather without connecting things to the characters is a killer.

Don’t let your book become the, “Loved the start, and the finish was okay, but the middle left me feeling empty.” My responsibility is to sell the whole story. Including the saggy center.


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2 Responses to Missing the Middle

  1. I’m with you. A middle that comes up as empty space makes me want to close it, sometimes toss it.
    Nothing good in that.
    Thanks for the reminder that it’s the middle that compels the reader to the end and that HEA.
    If we don’t get to that satisfying conclusion, it never happened, and we as authors have failed the reader and our career.

    Great Post!

  2. mlmartinez3 says:

    Great blog post Doree, thank you for sharing! I always have problems with my middle, in my books and around my actual middle.

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