Daily Writing

As a writer, we must write everyday. And like everything else, some days it’s a little hard.It can be like pulling the plug on Niagara Falls. You know there’s a lake full of ideas building up but something has got to nudge the plug.

In a creative writing class, the teacher said to take the first thing in your mind and write up a paragraph about it. Well, I love my husband but there are mornings he can be a bit of bug, it wouldn’t be fair. The teacher also suggested that we open the dictionary to any page and write down the first noun you find. Then, open the dictionary to another page and write down the first adjective that you find. Now, take the two and write a couple of paragraphs. Here is this mornings:

Sorrowful Discus

The sun was already warm and beating down on the coral clay at eight-thirty a.m. The spectator’s swarmed in and filled the bleachers. It was going to be a great day for Track and Field. The announcer sounded enthusiastic and the crowd roared. Oh yes, smiles galore.

Until you happened to walk by the Discus Shed. There, silence wasn’t golden; it was fire red and green with jealousy. Circle Swifty had medaled at the last great glide. Or so he decided.

He hadn’t. Not according to the pint size moppet who was rolling out the tape measure. Several of the other discuses had heard the words, “Shy of the line. Number four is two inches inside.” Yet, ole Swifty bragged about his length and made sure that when he gave his story, he added an inch or two each time.

It was Roundy Glyder that stole that line. Stole it, heck he passed it by a good four or five. But he rolled. Yep, it brought him right back to the line. And in this chaotic sport, it seems that if you roll back, you’re disqualified. So, ole Roundy rocked back and forth on his narrow edge, around and around he circled, until he toppled flat into the ground. The sorrowful discus wouldn’t talk; he still hasn’t made a sound.

Once the schedule was posted and the listing all arranged, those sorrowful discus eyes widened in delight as he read his name. Roundy Glyder would be the first to compete. His length, his soar would mark the line that all would have to beat. The last time this had happen, Circle Swifty measurements let Roundy Glyder win the meet.

Give it a try and have a little fun.

Until next week, remember strangers make great characters.


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2 Responses to Daily Writing

  1. Okay, there are days when I need to do an exercise like this. It’s tough.
    thanks for motivating me.

    Hugs to you.

  2. Joelene says:

    “…bragged about his length and made sure that when he gave his story, he added an inch or two each time…” I may have dated Circle Swifty in high school. “Swifty” has more than one meaning. I’m just sayin’.

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