A-E’s of Senses

And my favorite dip is now off the table:

In this wonderful world of writing, we are drilled that we need to use our senses. All five senses should be utilized in our writings. The senses set the story; where, when, why, and how through sight, hearing, tasting, touching and smell. I refer to this as the A-E’s of showing in writing.

A) Everything that happens around us comes with a form of smell. A is for Aroma. When you pass a rose-bush, you take in the delicate fragrance of roses. When you pass a bakery at 6:00 am, you take in the lingering scent of rising yeast, flour, eggs and sugar. Your response is to picture a hot piece of bread with melting butter, you stomach growling from hunger, your saliva trigger is pressed.

B) Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Words describe what the eyes see. The morning sun peeking over the horizon; Cotton white clouds float across the sky. Light blue to dark green tells a reader the depth of water the author wants us to see. Show a bus with the color of yellow and I see #5, the school bus I took every day to learn about the world.

C) Do we cuddle or catch? Do we caress or capture? Touch is shown in the action of what we place into our hands. What is identified when our eyes are covered through the tips of our finger-tips.

D) Decimals or degrees are how we hear. Whether it’s the sound of crickets rubbing their legs together, the bee buzzing around our head or the creaking board beneath a shoe as it crosses a floor. The needs of a baby are reflected in the sounds of their crying.

E) Going back to the smell follows closely to taste. Melted butter against your tongue, the glossy slip of melted goodness sliding across your taste buds.  The tangy drips of orange juice or the crunch between your teeth as you smack down on the thick piece of cake or cereal in the morning.

Every move should be identified, every odor reflected in your words, the colors that surround you and the songs that tangle in your mind with a little slip of grass between your lips to saver on our nature while holding tight the book that’s taken you into another world.

Remember to use your senses when you put on paper the great American novel. And so until next week.

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2 Responses to A-E’s of Senses

  1. Joelene says:

    Great blog! Put the dip back, though. I’m hungry.

  2. Thanks for the reminder on senses.
    I try to get them in, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement.
    Love the post!

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