YES…It’s Time!

January 23, 2012 (tomorrow) at 12:00, my first YA Paranormal, “WAITING” is up for sale. $1.99 on your e-readers for interested parties.  How fun would it be to have your own  guardian angel? Dani McCarty has her’s living in her bedroom closet. At fifteen, her life has taken on a few things that requires some time to get accustomed to; like a brother who communicates with spirits, a boyfriend that is a criminal, and a new living environment that leaves a ton to the imagination. See how ‘change’ allows her the means to adapt.



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One Response to YES…It’s Time!

  1. I applaud your courage. Way to hake things up.
    I have to agree with Natalie and things are misunderstood.
    Fear makes people do things without thought.

    I’ll see you at Noon on Monday.


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