Can One Over…indulge?

Can one overindulged? Yes! Shoes. Knickknacks. Scrap booking stamps. Baseball cards. The more is not the merrier, it’s the messier. Every empty space is taken. There’s no room left in our lives. We’ve lost our sense of humanization. The shelf that held compassion, time, and feelings, where did it go? I have a friend whose whole house is lovingly filled with giraffes. Tall, short, extremely tall, fat, stuffed. Wood or woven, they are (every single one) put out on display. There was a time when she knew the names of everyone who had gifted her with one. That’s in the past. The amount is too many to keep track of. Six to eight Pair of shoes, ladies.

Okay, but isn’t that the same when we talk about characters? We are overindulging in the amount of co-stars that are appearing as marquee names. Your protagonist does this cute little thing, but I just read that Character D does it too. New hairdo, new dress, new redo? Oops. So the Antagonist is supposed to kill…who? Oh, yeah… the spy, right? And that’s the  Protagonist, or is it? Did he/she do it, or did Character C, her twin sister, or Character M because he read the paper. No, I think I remember in chapter two that a merchant over on Daley street is the spy. He only dishes out soup to mislead you.  Well okay, you’ve won…I’m misread. Stick with you main characters, bring in those who are necessary and never-never put in Character V in the last chapter and tell me (the reader) that he’s the one that did it. Because even though you might have mention him on page two, I might have forgotten. Oh, he was the kid bending over, tying off the string on a stack of newspapers. Yeah,   NOT.

Have a Happy Writing Week.

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2 Responses to Can One Over…indulge?

  1. Excellent post. I tend to expand while I write. No , not from chocolate, it’s cast of characters.
    Thanks for the reminder, less is more, unless it’s candy, popcorn, shoes…..


  2. Joelene says:

    I’ve read books where they threw the “butler” in at the end. Tells me the author wrote his or herself into a corner and needed a scapegoat to distract the reader long enough to primp the heroine for her final curtain call. Reminds me of the old television saga “Dallas” when a whole season had been dedicated to dead character’s wife rebuilding her life with someone else, only to wake up from bad dream in the next season (after contract negotiations were agreed to) to find her dearly departed alive and in the shower. I also hate having to back through a story to find out “who’s who” because new characters keep popping up in every chapter. Good reminder. Thanks.

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