Resolutions? What ‘cha Gonna Do?

Resolutions! Okay, here it comes. I do not, I will not give a list of things that ‘I promise to do’ during 2012. Why? Because, I worry and one that worries, tends to put too much stress on themselves to follow that list to the bloody end and I bruise. Yep, that’s it in a few short lines.

Why? Because I get a lot more accomplished looking forward. I have a 2011 calendar on my desk with a word count on it for everyday that I wrote. I didn’t smile at the numbers. I spent too much time playing board member for my RWA chapter. My bad. If I had written a list at the start of last year, I’d be kicking myself for a poor ending. That 2011 calendar will now be applied to my taxes for proof of self-employment.

A fresh 2012 calendar has been cracked opened at January with a fresh year in front of me. So far I have recorded numbers on every day. That’s what I am hoping to do this year. I published at the end of 2011, so that monkey is off my back and I have the second book in that series being brush off, edited, rewritten, edited and critiqued to published ready and will go on sale this summer. That’s not a resolution. It’s a plan.

Writers plan. We work off of outlines. We build, we don’t resign to perform. But I will admit to one statement…I will finish Nanowrimo, just like I did in 2011.

Let’s welcome 2012 with a smile, stress free, fresh plan…I am.


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