And the Award Goes To…

Recently, I enjoyed the Country Music Awards show and listen as every one of the winners always thanked one specific group of people: The Fans!

I’ve been reading through my Donald Mass books and came across an appropriate statement, that I’d like to quote:

The Breakout Novelist; Intro.

“It’s especially important to recognize that your career does not happen due to agents who negotiate your deals, the editors who give you contracts, the publicists who arrange your tours, the bookstore buyers who order your books, or even because of your blog. Your career happens because of readers. They’re your customers. They’re your customers. They’re the ones paying you.”

I read a book, recently by a writer that I have always enjoyed her style, her stories but she’s change. She’s changed her style. Why? Unfortunately, I didn’t finish the book, I set it aside. Why, because I became disappointed with her changes. She didn’t slowly make her change so that this reader could accept the ‘subtle’ changes gradually. She didn’t wait for the replies from her readers regarding how they felt about these little changes. Instead… She did it all at once. I, the reader must not matter. If she writes for the money, the boat’s going to be up for sale.

I agree with Lady Antebella, It is your fans that make you famous. It’s the fans that make it so that you can buy a boat, or perform at the White House. Listen to your Fans – They Matter.

“”NANOWRIMO — going great, staying on top of it and will make my date, easily 🙂


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