Are We There Yet? NaNoWriMo

I have been extremely proud of myself this past week. The November writing a Novel in a Month has indicated that in order to finish at the end of November with a 50,000 word manuscript, 1667 words need to be written per day. That’s quite a lot. So, I decided that I would make that amount the least of my word count and strive for 2,000 per day.

I’ve been doing a fine job. Been wearing a huge smile everyday. Until…yesterday. Yep, Saturday, I had to put my head in the sand. Naughty me. I only accomplished 1530. Yikes.

Now, I am behind. Only one week into the month and I am running with the catch-up game. I hate this, so…last night, I plotted, yep, plotted out what I want this chapter, today’s goal, to do. I’ve gotten to know my characters and feel that my new direction will run smoother.

“If you’ve never walked in a child’s shoes, you can’t understand their actions.”

“True.” She pushed her way past him. “If you don’t mind; she needs me.”

I’m past the first 10,000 words. Only 40,000 more to go 🙂 (notice of observation…Since it snowed yesterday, I’ve found more energy for staying in.)


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One Response to Are We There Yet? NaNoWriMo

  1. Don’t beat yourself up too much – 10k one week in means you’re still on track for the overall goal – keep up the good work!

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