ARE YOU READY?       GET SET!            AND on Tuesday November 1st, GO!!!!

Are you kidding? It’s already here? Wow. I’ve just barely finished up last year’s draft.

But, this year, I intend to go all the way. Who ever stops at 45,000 words? Someone who doesn’t spend her time well. I needed to schedule m time better and, hopefully, this year, I have. Friends, relatives, neighbors have been alerted to the fact that my time is already accounted for and that they missed the list. Sounds cruel, but it is necessary. I write full-time but have noticed that there are days I’m shocked by how little I’ve actually sat down and written.

Writing…It is not answering e-mail. It is not twittering. It is not updating on Facebook. Blogging? Well, I will admit one does use their creative writing abilities. Blogging gives us the chance to take a few hundred words and educate other individuals on the goals of writing, or what other’s find dear to their hearts. I would think that blogging should be utilized as the best alternative to getting our writing jump-started during those mornings when we sit down to get our numbers in but come up frozen.

Blog. Blog about writing. Blog about what’s going on outside your window. Use flowery words to describe the color of the leaves that are slowly drifting to the ground. Then, get back to your goal for NaNo!

Good Luck to All of Us who have signed up to Participate In NaNoWriMo.




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One Response to NaNoWriMo

  1. May the muse be with you, Doree! Good luck with the nanowrimo this year!

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