URWA Conference 10-7/8, 2011

The Utah Romance Writers of America gathered together for an awesome conference in Park City, October 7th and 8th. It was great! Talk about some interesting workshops: Fueling Your Romance by Lani Diane Rich, Connect with the Right Stuff by April M. Williams, Libraries and Authors and Trish Hull, Lessons on the Hunger Games by John D. Brown, Indie Publishers and Self Publishing by Jennifer Holbrook-Talty, POV: Pros and Cons with Haley Stokes, Writing Strong Query Letters with Anita Mumm, Creating Page Turners with Rachelle J. Christensen. Our key-note speaker; Anne Stuart gave us a great overview of what she has done during her writing career.

The riches we received were the pitch sessions with editors from (Shadow Mountain) Lisa Mangum, (Silver) Haley Stokes  and (Cedar Fort) Shersta Gatica. And the fabulous agents; Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency; Marlene Stringer, Stringer Literary Agency; and Anita Mumm with the Nelson Literary Agent.

Friday started with a roomful of members. We talked, renewed friendships and atta’ girls were reinstated. Writers work alone, so get a group together and you’ve unleashed happy birds on an early spring morning. And from there it was a couple of days filled with energy, education, and enthusiasm.  I, for one, felt it was a colossal experience. I know several other’s have said the same.

So much has happened since 2010, members have published, and others are still getting their toes wet. But, we all left with a head full of ideas and a book of notes to gear us into our next manuscript. In our pockets are a better knowledge of publishing; self publishing vs. vanity press; e-publishing vs. working with a publishing company. Who’s respectable, who’s a predator, and how to tell the difference.

Networking also seemed to be a big part of things as well. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and a web page gets your name out into the world as a writer, a professional.  Great food, beautiful hotel and friends. As this year’s President of URWA, I am delighted with our well-coordinated and conducted conference. So, A big THANK YOU, to Lisa Williams-Cox and her exceptional assistance.

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