Inserting a Door vs Building a Manuscript

New doors are great, but a new manuscripts opens worlds.

I’ve been pounding out ideas for my NANOWRIMO and have come up with some of the soppiest plans. Do I go Young Adult, Contemporary or do I start on something totally different? Perhaps a Middle Grade Adventure. Sure. Then I looked over at my back door and thought of another soppy plan. Replace the French doors with a regular door and a screen.

Can you say…stick with the manuscript.

I didn’t. We ordered a door from Pella that costs as much as a used car. Ridiculous – Yes! Piles of green bills passed from one hand to another. But, that is just the beginning. The set-up before the real contention begins. Ours was being told that the old door was odd sized. Okay, this may take some maneuvering, but as a young boy would tell you, easy ain’t fun. We need to remove the old, cut into the support beam, then patch around the wall on the sides. Do-able.

I can format the beginning, worry through the dusty middle, argue with the builder when he takes off a few days for an Elk hunt, a major conflict. Then hopefully wrap it up by bringing everything, walls, worlds together. Having my twelve-year-old help with the color choices and slopping on the final work was a real adventure. Carpet and paint are still not compatible.

Well, now that that’s done…I’m back to thinking about my November manuscript. Gee, why can’t it be as easy as hiring it out? Forgetabout it!  I love it. Good luck to all my fellow NaNo’s. See you at the end of November.


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