Thank you ROW80

Well, Round 3 has come to its end. Tomorrow is the last day but not the end. I’ve still got a couple thousand more words to write, but that’s okay.

This weekend I will be typing ‘THE END’ and I can’t help by say that ROW80 is great. Sit Down and Get’er done has been my goal throughout these days. I will have completed a 25,000 word Novella and added 40,000 words to my WIP in my 80 days. Have a learned anything? Oh, yeah. With a goal and accountability, I’ve learned good habits and friends to cheer with are the jewels that this writer has acquired.

I won’t be back for Round 4, (putting the final touches on our RWA conference and helping acclimate my replacement president)  but you’ll certainly see me for Round 5. Thanks to all of you who have added an ‘atta girl’ and to ROW80’s Kait Nolan for putting this together.


I’ve met my word count every day except one (we all know about that one day) but was able to make up for it. I’m finishing up in the next couple of days. An edit and she’s on her way!

Great Writing today and everyday! Enjoy Round 4.


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4 Responses to Thank you ROW80

  1. Katy Bennett says:

    Enjoy typing “the end” and great job on your goals.

  2. Jody Moller says:

    All the best for getting to ‘The End’ soon. Congrats on all you have achieved over the past 80 days. We will miss you in Round 4 but looking forward to seeing you again next year

  3. deniz says:

    Woo hoo, congratulations on getting to the end of your story! Will be glad to see you back for Round 5.

  4. Congrats on completing the story and all you’ve accomplished. Sorry you won’t be around for round 4 and ditto the girls – looking forward to another round of row in 2012.

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