Winding Down ROW80

ROW 80 has been a wonderful adventure. I’ve learned discipline and commitment. We started this adventure in July and I had a couple of chapters for my YA done, but now…it’s almost finished! I’ve also be diligently writing a novella at 500 to 1,000 words a day and I’ll be done this week and ready for edits.

I now know when to cry and when to growl because things are going to interfere; Holidays and Family visits, vacations, deaths, and deleting hundreds of fantastic words ( I’ve purposely put the loss of words with death, because when you do it…oh my gaud…bury me in the backyard! But, lesson learned? Do Not Do That Again. See, it was a learning experience and as writers, we are forever learning valuable information.

I’ll need to miss out on their next one 😦 because of my need to work as president of the Utah chapter of RWA and prepare for a fantastic conference in gorgeous Park City. But for Round 5, I will be back!!!

Make yourself accountable to someone. Writing is a solo job and easy to allow distractions. Once distracted, we seem to let trivial things lead us down that horrible road called Wasted Time. Join a Goal Tender at A Round of Words In 80 Days – it’s great.

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3 Responses to Winding Down ROW80

  1. Cricket says:

    Congrats on your almost-finished WIP, Doree! 🙂

  2. alberta ross says:

    well done on your achievements this round and althogh we wil miss you next round I’m sure you’ll be having fun as well as working hard – all the best see you in new year

  3. Tia Bach says:

    We’ll miss you in Round 4, but will still be sending encouraging thoughts your way with your new goal. Congrats on your success in Round 3!

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