Ah Wednesday, Lovely Wednesday

ROW 80 check-in. Every thing is going as planned. I am almost amazed. Almost! You see, I brushed procrastination under the rug this week. So I have been enjoying the time writing. I’m intending  to keep that dirty deed hanging out with the dust bunnies forever!

Hope all the other ROW 80 participants are doing as well. Good luck and see you all on Sunday. Wow, the days are coming down quick 😦


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One Response to Ah Wednesday, Lovely Wednesday

  1. Debora Dale says:

    I think the most difficult task a writer has is the daily effort to banish procrastination. That you’ve managed to do it at the beginning of the week and forge ahead, is a testament to the power of the voices in your head. lol

    Congrats! And may that rug under which procrastination rests remain lumpy until you’re ready to smooth it out. Go you!!

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