Meet Me In New York

New Horizons

Unless you are willing
to launch out far from the
sight and safety of the shore                                                                                        
into the deep beyond
your present comfort zone,
you will never know
what you are capable
of becoming or doing,
nor will you ever discover
the new horizons
and greater dreams
your heart is yearning for.

Today we will hear names, thousands of names from the family members that remain. We’ll take a few moments in silence. New York, Washington DC and StonyCreek Township, Pa., will show their areas of such drastic pain with the deaths of innocent citizens. I wish I were there to participate in the acts of memory and bonding of this huge country. Has anything else in this vast land touched everyone’s lives other than in war?

       A life watered by the tears

of tragedy and suffering

Often becomes the fertile soil

for spiritual growth.

(Words by Penny Parker.)

We will remember you. 9/11/01 – 9/11/11




9/11/11 ROW80

This week I am writing. 5,000 words by Sunday on my romantic Novella.  I am doing 3 blogs and will be stopping in to visit at least 5 other ROW80’s participates blog sites. Here’s to a week of writing, and reaching our goals.

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3 Responses to Meet Me In New York

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and thanks for your 9/11 thoughts.

    I was intrigued by your “About” page, since you mentioned Missouri. As a child, we spent one summer on a road trip to Missouri, visiting relatives in Moberly and a few other towns, including one in the Ozarks. It was so lovely that I often wanted to return.

    I have never visited St. Louis, which looks like a wonderful town, so that’s on my Bucket List.

  2. Katy Bennett says:

    Hope you made your 5k, nice word count. Even today the images of 9/11 are as strong as ever. Have a great week.

  3. Ruth Nestvold says:

    Good luck on your week’s writing goals!

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