You May Think You Do

But you don’t…

That was my rude reality on Monday night. I had a wonderful day. Another 2,000+ words. I was doing fine. I was being cocky.

I like to put ideas down at the bottom of my working WIP. So, when I finish a chapter, I will move it to the manuscript. So, I (yes this will hurt) cut my completed second chapter and exited the WIP working page. Well, you know that question about putting a lot of information on a clipboard and wanting to save it to use elsewhere? I hit ‘no’. Oh but that’s not the kicker, the kicker is I (for some unknown reason) wasn’t saving it. You would think that someone who has been writing for the past three years, would know better.

Really, Really? Yes, this person lost 2,000+ words because she didn’t ‘save’. My auto backup didn’t pick it up either. Nope, it had the day before, but not the new stuff. So, yesterday, I tried to redo that whole chapter. Well, here’s the clincher, I can’t remember it all… Yep, so show me the bat, because I need some dings, real fast.

Will I ever do it again? Not for a while, but probably. Why? Because one day, when I least remember, I’ll get cocky and hit the no on my clipboard.

So, ROW80 check-in,

I can honestly say, I doing well over my word count. Unfortunately it’s not for forward movement. Here’s to Sunday and smiles 🙂 See you then.

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2 Responses to You May Think You Do

  1. Oh dear, I’ve done things like that before. I hope you were able to remember most of it (or maybe the new stuff will be even better?).

  2. CMStewart says:

    I’m with Erin, I have a lot of accidental experience with this. 🙂 It’s an opportunity to write it better! Good luck . .

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