Challenge Yourself

How many times did a teacher tell you to “challenge yourself” during your school years? More than once if you were like me and only strive to do the minimum. Extra credit? Yeah…no. Those words meant spending more time inside. Doing boring work, not playing. I always figured if I was passing, why push it. Now I’m older (okay…a lot older) and I’ve been known, a time or two, to take the same route. Or so I did. Looking at my day planner, I recognized some errors in my laid back ways.

Deadline. This is not a word that a mellow person lives by. Yet there it is. Red lettered and circled. Contests. Wow, I didn’t even realize I was committing myself this heavily. September is not a nice month for the carefree hoping to reach deadlines. And I will. Because one motto I always stand behind is, if I say I will…I will.

And ROW80, I’m going to be committing myself to 500 to 1,000 words a day for this following week. YEAH!


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