ROW80 Check In

When the voice takes a dive:

One moment the words are flowing, this writer is high, and then…a character decides to take off in another direction. “Say what!” “I know!!” I’ve been working on my current manuscript for several months. I sat down with my charts and wrote up an outline. Did a clear character list, with looks, personality, and their relationship in the manuscript. I felt ready. Bring it on. Everything was going pretty good. Ah, I knew I’d run into a snags here and there, but a character found a tiny little opening in Chapter Fourteen and took off.

Now, I’ve stalled.

I thought about reeling him back. I’ve argued with the direction he is going. I’m the writer, this is my story. I’ve decided who does what and yet, Hunter seems to think that he knows more than I do. He’s a great kid, hence the fact that he’s an antagonist. But, lately, he’s become my protagonist. So, I’m going to take a couple of days and stare this kid down, put him properly in his place.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, I’m only speaking about this manuscript…who says he doesn’t get his own story? :). So, here’s to August 14 through August 20th. I’m anxious to see what happens to Chapter Fifteen. Moving on… I’m hoping, is going to be nice!




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2 Responses to ROW80 Check In

  1. alberta ross says:

    oh dear – some characters are like that – my first two just took of from a short story and just kept going untill they had a fulll length novel for their home and a series for their children – good luck in staring him down!!

  2. Tia Bach says:

    Good luck with your showdown… hope it all works out. Characters have such a way sometimes. Onto Chapter 15. Show no mercy! 😉 Thanks for stopping by Depression Cookies. I love this ROW80 support.

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