#ROW80 Goals Update

This week, I’m tickled to death. The chapters are looking fabulous. Hunter is determined that Parker is joining the world again, even if he has to carry her. Isn’t it fun when your characters take over the story?


Was sa’ mater, you?

We’ve heard it…the same old lecture. Well, here it is again:

My grand-daughter had been spending her Sunday afternoon mopping and cleaning. Finally, discouraged over three brothers traipsing through her pristine job, she called it quits. I believe her exact words were, “Mom, teach your dirty sons how to clean up after themselves. I can’t take it.”

This is where one learns to do a job and then quit. Why keep going over the same thing when you can come back to it a week later?

I tend to leave my e-mail on during my writing time. This is going to have to become a mopped floor for me. Do it in the morning, a quick check in the afternoon, and maybe an evening pass.

Along with e-mail, I dabble in reading blogs. I love them. The more the better, I think. I’m a woman and a writer, what better way to learn your craft and pick up a little gossip is there? And, I like to think that along the route, I may come up with a wonderful idea for a character. You never know. Writers learn to listen, to read, to observe so you never know what might spring up into your mind.

My favorite line to a movie tends to show how much Blogs and Internal Editors smuggle from my writing time:

Three Me And A Baby. Tom Selleck’s character is talking to Rebecca, a baby manual in his hand, desperately seeking instruction.

“It says that I’m suppose to feed her every two hours. Well, is that two hours from when I started or from when she’s done eating. It takes me two hours to get her to eat so I’m feeding her all the time.”

Sound familiar, feel familiar? It is. If I let myself, I could fill my day with reading and editing my pages over and over, until the story line has been deleted and I don’t know what the mess before me is. Or, I’ve read one blog, then two, read a few e-mails, written back, spent time in twitter, read a few more blogs, checked out Facebook (can’t forget our ever popular and time-consuming FB) and missed my golden opportunities to sit down and move my story forward. Add pages, give my characters dimension, do what I really want to do…Write.

I’ve taken to doing timed writing sprints. They have been helping me out tremendously. Whether it’s a matter of turning on a timer or going to Write or Die by Dr. Wicked, it’s worked. Holding myself accountable to groups such as ROW80, where you submit your goals for the week and work towards achieving them helps me tremendously. Sometimes, I need that friend who’s glancing over my shoulder and saying, “Hey, was sa’ mater, you?”

**During timed 1 hour sprints I’ve gotten a couple of thousand words out. For a day, that’s a good number. Do it twice a day and you’ll be writing ‘the end’ before you know it.**

I’m a writer, so…’excuse me’, I’m going to go write 🙂


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2 Responses to #ROW80 Goals Update

  1. Boy, Doree, you described my guilty pleasures so well–“oh, I see an email has landed, maybe it’s something important” or “oh, a tweet, which has a link to a blog,” and I’m off to the races!

    One of my ROW80 goals is 2 hours a day with no twitter, no email, no dogs and no DH. True, it is 5am-7am, but hey, it works. I like your idea of sprints–I will have to try that in the morning.

    I hope the rest of your week is just grand!

  2. Jody Moller says:

    I am like that with Tweetdeck – it must be closed if I am to acheive anything. I am lucky I use a mobile broadband USB dongle so I can actually remove it from my computer and hide it to prevent temptation. Good to hear your goals are going well. Hope you have a great week ahead.

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