Update on ROW80 For Week 7/24 thru 7-30

What a great week, did a marvelous finish these last few days to wrap up the final commitment. Chapter 13 on WIP is completed and I am down to my last 2 entries to Judge 🙂

Here is the wrap up of Chapter 13 in my current WIP:

“Hunter’s here.” Mom leaned her head into my room and announced.

“No. Make him go away.” I slammed the pages of my Sixteen magazine closed and tossed it to the end of my bed.

“Not this time. Look, Parker,” She crossed her arms around her waist, a fair indication that another, ‘I’m tired of this, of you,’ is coming. “I’m finished blowing people off for you. You take care of your own crap.”


She left with a rude slam of my door behind her.”

How rude.

Muffling outside my door gave energy to my decision on dressing. I slipped on a pair of jeans, a bra and T-shirt. Just in case her mom showed him the way.

The room is a mess. Stop! What do I care? Hunter is entering my space.

There was a tap on the door, before he opened it.

Someone was damn lucky I was dressed, I’d hate to have to punch him. Just a though.

Hunter stood in the doorway, tall and serious. “I’ve let you do it your way. Now I’m taking my turn, Parker.

He grabbed my hand, pulled me over to the edge of my bed and we sat.

“I talk, you shut up.” His eyes dared me to speak.

#ROW80 for the week of 7/31 through 8/6 is 10 page chapter 14 on WIP and Judge last 2 Entries.

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