Update on Progress for Week 10-16 July, 2011

Finished Chapter 12, 11 pages. We find Parker bitter about returning to the world as though nothing has happened no more than a few hours following Ryan’s funeral. She has to perform for the small singing choir at the mall ‘Traditional Christmas Songs,’ and smile even though her heart is tear a little bit at a time. The following morning when she returns to school, the curious students that stared and pointed before are leaving her alone. Why, because Ryan’s death was an accident. Parker is still in disbelief. Now anger is following her around. She wants to be by herself. She doesn’t need Darla and Jennie around. She doesn’t want the concern from Hunter or Mark. She wants to be left alone and she wants answers.

Walking down the dark dungeon hall to Drama class, her mind conjures up Ryan. He gives her what she most desperately needs. Her goodbye. As he turns to walk away, she sees the horror of his wounds on the back of his shirt. The holes left by the scattered buckshot. And then the anger and the questions arise. When the school bell rings, she drives to the police station and requests information regarding the shooting and how it was determined an accident. How could Lesley get off on the death of Ryan.

Leaving the building, I groaned. What is it with some people? What did my car do to deserve torture?

Cute car Parker. Mommy buy it for you? Or are you a daddy’s girl?”

OMG, cooties. She was filthy at the diner, only slightly cleaner at the funeral, but today; the happy medium of greasy build up and stale perfume came over as rancid, not quite stomach churning repulsive.

“Melinda, get off my poor car.”

She squinted her eyes and tipped her head toward the building I walked out of, “What are you doing here?”

“Thought I’d ask you the same question. If you’re looking for the showers, there’s a gas station around the corner.” Just saying, right? And it felt like the friendly thing to mention.

She finally jumped off my car. The poor baby. I had to smooth over the crater size smudge she left.

“Lesley wants to talk to you.” She stated walking away.

Well now aren’t I special. I turned in the direction her surprisingly clean and manicured finger pointed in. And gulped.


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