Make it so, Let it Flow.

A water fall is a beautiful thing. The unleashed power, the energy that radiates from its decent; you feel freedom watching it. But stop it, sacrifice the flow, and you have devastation. Crops are destroyed, lives are lost.

I think that we give a great deal of sacrifice every day of our lives. If you have a job outside of the home, you leave chores behind for a paycheck.

A writer tends to give up their slotted writing time to take care of the little things that everyone else wants them to do because, “all you do is write”. You can do that anytime, right?”

No! It’s not that easy. It’s an art. An internal being, if you will.  The mind has to be ready. We have to be prepared to pull from our mind what we see, feel, hear, smell, and touch about our characters.

We don’t just pull it from thin air. We rely on a muse, This muse is a fickle part of our mind that likes to play hot and cold. It loves it when we are interrupted because to it…why that’s recess.  And so, when we sit back down and place our fingers on the keyboards, we have to lasso that little critter back in again. We have to convince our muse that it’s back to work time. When we arrive at that comfortable point when the words are flowing like the water shooting down over the side of the mountain, an interruption is a shut-off valve. It’s recess and hard to get back to where we were.

What our loved ones need to be reminded of, when we go to work, we too, leave the house (even if it is figuratively) and those chores behind us for our manuscripts.

Quite please, manuscript in process.


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