Scene – A Picture Puts You There

And Your Words Show It:

A picture I saw recently tickled my scene senses. There was absolutely nothing going on in it. No animals. No waterfalls. No people. It was an empty boat dock stretching out into a calm lake of brown water. Glass smooth; no ripples, no fish breaking through, no fishing line or red and white bobbers disturbing it. In the distance were a couple of islands of trees. The sun was high with rays reflecting through the branches. Again, empty, no activity.

Nothing going on. So after reflecting on the utter tranquility of this canvas, I had to mess it up. I’m a writer!  I need life. I visualized a fish jumping up and nailing a nice juicy water bug. The sight of an elderly fisherman returning after an early morning of catching the first meal. Then, he passes a young boy, dangling his feet over the edge of the boat dock, his faithful golden retriever beside him as he fishes over the side.

I’ve just set a wonderful scene for a chapter in a book. A road on my map, if you will!

Happy Writing!!!

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