Week 4 thru 10 Check in: Chapter Eleven 9 pages, chapter draft and edited completed. Chapter synopsis: Parker is preparing for her boyfriend’s funeral. She is going through the first degree of death. Anger. She doesn’t understand why he gave his mother a ‘goodbye’ but not Parker. How is she suppose to go on? Or is all of this a lie. Is this a joke? She prepares. Dresses and goes to the mortuary. She sees the casket. She approaches it.


As I walked in the huge double doors, I could see the beautiful golden gleam of his casket, opened up for viewing, and his mother standing proud beside him. I slowly made my way down the aisle. The closer I got the harder it became to breath. I fought by taking in huge deep gasps of air and then.. I stood before him. And he looks so good. So comfortable. At peace with himself, with life, with everything.

For a moment, just a split second, a twinge of envy ricocheted through my body.

Then, I cried.

I leaned in, and with the back of my finger, stroked it gently down his chilled, solid cheek.

Briefly, I pressed my lips against his in a goodbye kiss, and whispered, “I love you.” As I stood up, I brushed at my cheeks, turned and gave Mrs. Bland a hug. “I miss him.”

I’ know you do, dear. We all do.” She tightened her arms before releasing me.

The chapter concludes with Seventeen year old Parker leaving the cemetery. She turns at the gates and watches her mother lay a white rose across Ryan Blando’s casket and Parker can’t help wondering what it’s all about. A seventeen year old boy works his butt of to nail good grades, works full time to skimp for every dime he can get a hold of to get into a good college and now it’s for nothing.

In a few months, when I graduate, who’s going to remember all the work that Ryan put in to accomplish everything that he did? Nobody–well, except me.

*Next week is the around 10 pages for chapter 12 of Hallowed Halls; draft and an edit for ROW in 80 days.

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3 Responses to #ROW80

  1. alberta ross says:

    liked it very much – not sure whether she was saying she loved him or it was all a lie (in the coffin) – done good this week = all the best for rest of week

  2. Thanks. The ‘lie’ is why one should not have obnoxious persons anywhere near when I am attempting to type. They try and usually do make me boo boo 🙂

  3. Nice work! Good luck on your goals this week!

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