Crazy Ivan Writers’ Retreat

This weekend, I’m spending four wonderful days up the Provo Canyon at a huge cabin by the Sundance Ski Resort. Talk about the perfect writers ambiance. The wall of trees, bushes, squirrels, and the ever busy robins feeding their babies behind us, while we pound out words, pages and chapters in the comfort of couches and tables inside. Fantastic.

After hours of Crazy Ivan’s throughout the day, we would break off and take small hikes up along the fast running stream of snow run-off. Inspiration seemed to be rushing right along with the rapids across the rocks and through the mountain cut outs. I was able to see the completion of four chapters and the full blooming of a new one. A synopsis is being outlined and should be done before I head back down the mountain tomorrow.

Writers need their ideal location. Every one of us carve out the corner, the office, against the piles of pillows on the bed, or stretched out across the couch. One writer actually sits in the car in the garage, IPOD for noise is all he wants around him. It’s where his muse feels comfortable and works well. Go for it. Mine might be the structure of the desk for Mamoka or the mayhem and comfort of the couch for Rae Rae. Where might your muse feel happiest to play?

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