A Win or A Victory

Does a Five-Year-Olds Soccer Team Win?

Yesterday, while I was having fun at one of several meetings that I attend, my DH went to the grandkids soccer games. (The last in the season) I asked if both grandson’s won and he said no. Later, talking to my daughter (the mother and enthusiast) said that the five-year-olds had.

A little confused, I re-asked the DH. According to him…it wasn’t a slaughter but is was a loss. Okay, so…putting this old brain into drive I had to wonder, was it a win or what. We don’t keep score – how easy is that statement. We don’t keep score. See, now that is an explanation and a score that anyone can live with. Who cares. At such a young age, it’s too soon to be trash mouthing the other team. Torment and torture should wait until they get to be my older grandson’s age. Nine.

Of course, I think nine is still to young but mention that to my nine-year old gs and you get a look that says, “your momma fed you biscuits at the wrong end cause she couldn’t tell you butt from your face.” Yikes!!!

Okay, here is my all time ‘burn’… (leaned it when I was a kid in KC, Mo.) Your brain is so small that if they took it and wadded it up into a ball, placed it into the gas tank of an ant’s motorcycle, it wouldn’t  get half way around the inside of a cheerio.  (that’s small)

So, here is to next season and the five–year-old who’ll move up to an older group that can ‘keep score’. To the nine-year old that will be playing on a 10-12 year old team and kickin’ some butt’ee and to my three-year-old who gets to dress out because he’ll be four and playing on his team…where again, we won’t be keeping score. Whatever!

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