RV’ing it

                                             RV’ing It.

Went to Las Vegas this weekend with Tammy and Kelly and got to ride in their Southwind RV. Wow. I enjoyed it. Just think, traveling three hundred something miles in comfort. I laid out on the couch and read my Kindle.

It was the nicest trip to Las Vegas via the road. Scott is of course… Scott. He isn’t comfortable doing anything.  But, I will say that I enjoyed it. Talk about roomy and a refrigerator to boot!

Dad’s 80th birthday is officially today but since we share the date between him and our grandson, Nodin, we went down early. His wife, my step-mother is having a huge barbecue at their house in Henderson today. Sister is still down there, so family will be represented. We will be enjoying cake and ice-cream with four-year old Nodin today. (Of course, this grandma loves spending time with the grand-babies)

I am going to take a moment and say that I think the construction in Utah is the PITS. It is constant and for miles and miles. Scott and I have decided that if you took the construction barrels and laid them out in a row, we would easily form a line east and west, north and south across the whole state. Sad, yes. The Utah county construction has been the worst and it is still going on. By the time they finish, they’ll need to put the barrels back up because it will be time to re-pave what they’ve just laid down.

I’m going to go with ‘short’ on this posting because, frankly, I’m tired. So Happy b-day Nodin and Dad. ’til next week. Observe what goes on around every corner, you never know if there might be a story plot lurking.

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