Wow, Solid Gold Oldies

Yep! Here I am, in the depths of rewrites on my middle grade manuscript and what do I listen to…Simon and Garfunkel. Homeward Bound, Scarborough Affair, I Am A Rock – not, I’m a mushy blubbery sentimentalist. Johnny Angel, you little devil!

No wonder I enjoy writing Middle Grade and Young Adults…the music is so much better. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could stay in the cloudy realms of first love? The first smile a boy shot your way! We could be happy day-dreaming together. Short walks down to the park where we could swing. He pushes me, I push him; we switch. Ah yeah. Heaven. Kisses stolen on the playground when the teacher’s back is turned.

My eleven-year-old grand-daughter has a boyfriend. Oops, sorry. She has a friend who just happens to be a boy. Does it matter? Well, not so much to her as it does to me. I realized that I don’t think my grand-daughter should even like boys. My characters can, but (Kelsey, cover your eyes) my sweet loving child, cannot.

I think she should wait until she’s thirty before she dates. But, I hope she enjoys my characters today 🙂 

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