Kicking Off

  Kicking off my new and improved website. Doree; you now longer need to indicate – I own it 🙂

That’s right. This is a new and improved website. I have been participating in a PRO-RWA site that Cyndi and Gwen have been patiently training us in the art of putting an easy to navigate web site together. From the blog spot to the inserting of and organizing pages. Links, widgets, menus, it’s all a part of your website. To make this new mode of communicating and networking more mature and professional looking, we started new and learned what every item on the dashboard performed.

How fun was this, a lot. I can’t believe that with a little hand holding, I was able to style my own header, make a drop down menu and still be able to list my blogs in an easy to navigate mode. Truly a fun class.

I hope that everyone that stops by, enjoys their time and leaves me a comment. My young adult manuscripts will be kept up to date here. Any news is fantastic news, right?  Have fun and I’ll update this every Sunday. What a fun way to start your week.

See you Sunday, hopefully, following another finished chapter on my current Work In Progress. 🙂

Doree L. Anderson

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One Response to Kicking Off

  1. Liz Jakes says:

    Hi, Doree–I followed you from Branding class, and actually from PRO class, too! Only I ‘took’ it after class was over. Your site is so nice! And I love the log line–that really works well. Hope the writing is going well–your trip to Vegas sounds fun.

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