Fear Not of The Blank Page

I am ready. I am sitting before my laptop, staring at a blank page. Even though I am ready, my mind has yet to follow.  

Once upon a time…

Everything else just kind of fades away. I have the plot. I have the characters, their looks, personality, but for some reason the little buggers won’t come out and play. Must be that Muse thing everyone is talking about. I took a class once by D.D. Scott on my Muse’s. Even went so far as to name them. Monica the one with OCD, where everything had to be just so before she’d come out and play, wouldn’t be creative until the house was perfect. And, Rachel, who enjoyed the playing but was intimidated by Monica enough that she wouldn’t show herself without permission. Needless to say, I rarely get a chance to have much luck with them two.

Now, I would love it if I could find a Muse willing to spring to action the moment I turn on my computer. One who rubs his or her hands together and sits down ready for amazing inspiration. Action, nothing but pure driven action. Sure, dreams do come true! For others 🙂  Has anyone ever had the glorious experience of having one of these? I am accepting applications.

Wanted: A Muse that knows what I want even before I do. A muse who works for chocolate and diet coke only. A Muse that can sprint for three hours at a time and never tire. (restroom breaks, negotiable) Full-time only apply. Job to be re-evaluated after 65,000 words.

I’m ready. I’m sitting behind my laptop, staring at a blank page. Muse needed immediately.




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