What a wonderful day!


Looking out my back door.


The skies are blue, the snow is white but can you see that the buds are ripe? My lilac bushes as full of life. Spring is on her way.

Don’t get me wrong – I like winter, the holidays, the snowball fights, the shoveling, the freezing temperatures – but I digress – Winter is okay.

Spring is my favorite time of the year. Every thing is bursting into life. The trees have that green cast that indicates a renewing of leaves. The tulips are poking up through the muddy soil, ready to announce their arrivals.

Another thing that is great…those neighbors that you’ve caught a quick glimpse of on their way to and from work will actually stop by during their yard work to say hi. Attitudes are high, cabin fever is set aside and everyone is taking advantage of the fresh air to exercise.

I love it. Now, I just need to find my tennis shoes. I know I’ve packed them away for winter somewhere.

I’ll see you all outside.

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